Full Force Foundation


Our foundation strives to understand the needs of our community by connecting with agencies throughout the many system affecting our youth. We interview/work with providers and the youth themselves to be able to facilitate improvement in individual's lives and family's social functioning. We focus our attention identifying those gaps that may prevent success for our youth. We search for innovative programs in our community that may be creating changes within the education completion and employment attainment arenas for youth ages 13-25.


We invest in programs that have a disburse impact throughout the pyramid but that are also cooperating together to impact change. This synergy facilitates some of the networking in providing services to the youth they are impacting. In addition, we strive for a dialogue about the needs of the community by reaching out to our political representatives and their field offices to drill down on the barriers and needs of their areas.

We fully understand that issues faced by the population we hope to impact our complicated. Therefore, we collaborate with grantee, partner organizations, consultants to develop proposals that aligns with our mission and core values. Depending on the funding and project we focus on engaging a partner/consultant whose expertise will bring expertise on measuring the outcome.

We seek out programs or projects that align with our strategy for impact by DIRECTLY SOLICITING a visit and then drilling down with a committee on whether the partnership fits our goals. Furthermore, we may consult with other community organizations to discuss their theory/ideas on the project or organization.