Prepare Our Future Workforce Full Force Foundation

Job Development

Connecting and promoting individuals into employment and self reliability is the goal. Provide not only employment opportunities but empower youth with important skills, credentials and the awareness of their value to society to pursue better paying jobs.

We aim to advance opportunity and improve the quality of life for underserved and marginalized youth populations through the collaboration of agencies, community leaders and corporation who implement sustainable solutions to persistent problems and to explore innovative opportunities within closely defined program areas.

Choosing key partners to assist in elevating and supporting individuals to a level of attainment for themselves and their families. However, the partners we choose must take into consideration the barriers invidividuals face such as transportation and child care. A family or individual cannot be successful if the lack of basic needs is not considered.

We will invest in agencies working towards skill building and magnify the strenghts of their clients to help them reach their goals. We choose partners collaborating with the community to assist their clients in securing jobs. The deficient education and proper training is the reason for unsuccessful employment among youth ages 16 to 25. Therefore, wrap around services combined with alliances with employer would be an ideal investment for our foundation.

We search for programs that provide outreach not only for their clients but other key individuals in the community affecting the youth. Linking their clients to services that truly provide skills in order reduce the gaps created by lack of employment.

We travel outside our community in order to search for what is working in other cities and will fund innovation as long as it meets the requirements for funding.