Our Mission

The Foundation's specific purpose is to assist economically disadvantaged youth and youth aging out of foster care to: (a) Complete high school (b) pursue post-secondary education, including college trade school; and (c) obtain and maintain employment. The Foundation will carry out its specific purpose primarily by making grants to organizations and programs that further the Foundation's specific purpose through evidence-based practices and measurable outcomes.

Boots on the ground in our community

Our Focus

Full Force Foundation

Education completion for youth in our community to include High School, GED, College and Certifications leading to employment. To assist youth with barriers preventing the completion of their unique education goals and the barriers affecting their systems, by focusing on individual needs affected by their life circumstances. We learn and listen from youth themselves as to what they need to achieve their goals

Full Force Foundation

Assist youth in achieving independence through employment. Choose initiatives which address barriers such as transportation, adequate skill training. Partner with programs utilizing mentoring to focus on obtaining and retaining employment.

Full Force Foundation

To obtain collaboration with agencies which can provide wraparound solutions to the youth we hope to impact by creating partnerships which address the pyramid of needs (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs) so that Education and Employment can be achieved.