Full Force Foundation


We are a local San Antonio family with a passion and commitment for our community. We believe that education and employment are pillars in creating independence in our youth. As such, we understand that not all individuals are able to pursue those pillars due to barriers in their systems.

The name of our foundation was created by our own family story. We are a blended and blessed family. Though we may not be connected by blood, we are strongly passionate about the bond we share. When we share time together we call it “full force.”  We have done this since our children were 5, 6 and 12 years old. Our oldest is now 24 years old. We take pride in being united and having values we all share. Our founders, Scott and Martha Barnes, have worked with youth in our community in various capacities for the last 20 years. Scott dedicated himself to the Big Brother and Big Sisters program for a few years. Martha has been committed to the Court Appointed Advocates of San Antonio (CASA) for approximately ten years. Their experiences with both agencies is what fueled their passion to assist youth in our community.  All members of the Barnes family, including extended members, gets involved with Full Force Foundation events. Scott and Martha strongly believe in putting in time to each foundation endeavor.

In order to learn about existing services and gaps affecting our youth, we have strategically placed ourselves throughout the community by investing months at various internship and volunteering sites. We continue to learn by accessing and engaging in ongoing conversations in the community with social workers, elected officials, corporate partners and nonprofit agencies.

We focus and aspire to be mindful of how cultural and ethnic differences are included in the interventions we choose to fund. We recognize that we have a social responsibility to the individual and society as a whole. Our hope is that a cost benefit may be achieved by all through harvesting self-determination via the investments made in our community.

We are purposeful in our efforts to be in a constant state of learning as to how we can positively affect our community.  We recognize that our best lessons come from the stakeholder.