Our focus is to provide ACCESS to services for our youth through ALLIANCES within their geographical reach. Activating resources which are within their natural support networks right in their communities is one of the level of our foundation's PLAN OF ACTION. Our assessments are driven to MATCHING RESOURCES AND NEEDS.

We are concentrating our resources towards assisting youth 13 to 25 to complete their education. However, we hope that our funding also affects the family system. Some of the agencies/partners we choose provide services to adults who affect the micro system of the youth we are hoping to empower. We know that by investing in our children a societal impact is infused in our community. We defined a successful completion as follows:

We seek programs working to ensure that our youth have the opportunity to ultimately succeed as independent employees facilitating a transition into healthy civic minded individuals. Creating human beings that bring a cost benefit to our society and utilizing the strengths perspective in creating programs for the youth we all hope to reach.

The programs we choose will take into account the ecological systems which affect and create barriers for our youth. In addition, we search for the mindful cultural and ethnic awareness piece in the programs attempting to create positive impact in the youth. We prefer evidenced based intervention which will be a catalyst in creating a shift in the lives of the youth and families they work with in our community.

ACCESS is a vital piece of the programs we fund. We take a hard look at the access variable when considering an intervention since transportation affects the frequency and reach the youth will have in receiving services. They must first be able to be physically present to begin the path to complete their education.